My name is “Siraj Mawani” and I work with TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. as a Consultant and would like to share some thoughts about "Hares Siddiqui" who is a very good friend of mine and a Professional Architect, I know him for almost Two Decades.

Hares is a master of Futuristic Designs and has Concepts which are applicable in the real world, he knows his creative abilities and manages to apply it well to his profession as an Architectural consultant & Entrepreneur, and I have seen him evolve with his knowledge and information about his domain and witnessed its application on the ground. Very humble and down to earth in nature, Hares has the ability to be a leader and has a workforce which he manages very well and the numbers have only increased in the past.

Though being a professional he is able to connect with his clients at emotional level as it is all about realizing their dream and trying to make it true. He is passionate about his work and I have seen him work late hours most of the time as his principle is to deliver all the projects on time. Time is money and he treats it that way, very punctual and organized in regular day of business.

I have seen him travel abroad on seminars and project study to deepen his knowledge about his domain and to be updated with the latest business standards.

Being a professional he manages to balance his personal and professional life very well. He is a father of Four beautiful children and loves them very much. He is also passionate about fitness and very particular about his fitness routine.

Social in nature Hares has a charm which he uses well to connect with people and treats all his relations with extraordinary care.

Hares have an extensive experience in both Designing and Entrepreneurship and also has created, directed and finalized a wide range of projects from Villas, Residences, Housing Schemes, Boutique Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Recreational Spaces, offices to retail and hospitality in & around Aurangabad and Pan India.

He is managing a team through the design approval and construction delivery process as well as developing and implementing all guidelines and procedure in order to measure and analyze performance and therefore increase the productivity of the team.

Furthermore to this I have seen his sensitivity towards Environment and Nature, his designs and projects bow to Sustainable Development. I am happy to write this testimony and would like to wish him best of luck with his future and Endeavour and wish him for his journey which he is about to embark.

Best Regards.
Siraj Mawani


"Sustainable Architecture: Consciousness to Climate"


Sustainable architecture is architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings through improved efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large and we at our every venture try to inculcate and promote sustainable development with sensitivity to climate.


"Professional Expertise"

  • Designing & Planning with Excellent creativity
  • Innovative style of working
  • Team leadership
  • Effective Organizational management with Budget management of projects
  • Active Listening with Perseverance
  • Written & Oral Communication with Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking with effective Decisionmaking
  • Confidence, Empathy, Patience & Collaboration
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